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LHS Microcast, Interview with Jen Ellis

I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to find the time to edit this podcast, because this interview with Jen Ellis (@infosecjen) is pretty good, no thanks to me.  Jen Ellis had given a talk earlier in the week and Chris John Riley and I finally managed to track her down to the press room at Defcon.  We talk about what the legal system in the US means to researchers and hackers, how the system is flawed and what steps we should be taking to influence future legal measures. Jen also gives Chris and I a little background into the Wassenaar Arrangement and what it could mean to researchers internationally.

Last Hacker Standing: Episode VII – Hot Berlin Action

Things you didn’t think you’d see in 2015 number 32,912…

Yes, that’s right, Last Hacker Standing is back with another show. This time recorded LIVE in Berlin Germany just to make us seem more international and relevant in this changing industry!

Sit back, pour yourself a whisky, and get ready to have your braincells dulled by yet another LHS podcast!

Last Hacker Standing: Episode VI – Do we all want to be InfoSec rockstars … like Martin?

The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated… and despite the overwhelming urge to call this episode “Don’t call it a comeback” we have resisted!

This time on the show we welcome the always excellent Jennifer Minella (@jjx) to talk about Martin’s InfoSec rockstar lifestyle, Mainframes and a general lack of good InfoSec people… oh and ISC²

It’s a roller-coaster of fun, all packed into a tight little ball, and shoved through your RSS feed straight to your brain! You’re welcome Internet! You’re welcome!!!


Despite popular belief (and a certain amount of Jar Jar Binks level confusion on the episode numbering and release timeline), we’re back with Episode 4 Part II of our interview with Katie Moussouris from HackerOne…

Sit back and listen as Katie lays it out like it is!

Planning is already underway for our next podcast… watch this space… tell your friends… tell your enemies… heck you can even tell @hackingmexico if you want to be really comical!

Last Hacker Standing: Episode V – Vegas Recovery

“This is not the Last Hacker Standing: Episode IV – Part II Revenge of the @k8em0 that you’re looking for!”

To fill the void in your lives before we release the epic that is Episode IV Part II we got the crew together to chat about hacker summer camp and our personal recovery plans… In a break from the norm (not sure we have a norm yet, but I’m gonna stick with that) we chat randomly about BlackHat, BSidesLV, DEF CON and the burning hell that is Las Vegas.

You may also note that we’ve got an RSS feed now… and we’re also on the iTunes!

If you like the show, make sure to click the “5 stars” on iTunes so less educated people can find us too 😉


Last Hacker Standing: Episode IV – The last hope

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…LastHackerStanding_singleFace

With the untimely demise of the Network Security Podcast, Martin McKeay (along with Dave Lewis and myself) decided it was time for something new.

In the inaugural podcast, we talk news (straight up, with a twist), alongside our wonderful guest Katie Moussouris from Hacker One.

We’ve tried to add a twist to the usual podcast style of news and interviews… so feedback on the first part of episode IV is always gratefully received!

Lookout for part II dropping in a few weeks…